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There is a shortage of social housing.
With the help of a social worker, the family, a homeless person, etc. manage to find rental housing. He/She has money to rent, but may run out of money, for example, to make a deposit, for which the housing allowance cannot be used. This is where AT HOME FIRST comes in.

It is a private non-profit project.
Because only in this way it is possible to provide an interest-free loan, based of the recommendation of the cooperating organization and, moreover, in good faith, i.e., without the threat of foreclosure.

Relay of Good Will.
The project is not burdened by any overhead and at the same time its fund is increased by each installment paid. Installments simply become contributions. Even if only half of the loans now granted are repaid, this will allow the same number of other loans to be granted.

Help is immediate, without unnecessary bureaucracy.

Donors cannot deduct the contribution from their taxes. Based on the experience with the Roof First, many donors do not mind. 


1. The organization will recommend a client who has met the preconditions to keep the rental housing and at the same time there is a landlord of the apartment who is willing to sign a rental agreement with him.

2. On this basis, the client concludes a financial loan agreement with founder Vojtěch Sedláček (VS) in the agreed amount and VS sends the money on behalf of the client to the relevant account.

3. The client repays the loan to transparent account in the agreed monthly installments (by order, postal order).

4. If the client is late in repayment, VS will invite the organization that recommended the client to cooperate.

The program helped 111 families with housing. Statistics HERE.


Why doesn't a non-profit organization lend on bail?
* Because the law does not allow non-profits.

Why doesn't the bank lend on bail?
* Because the client has nothing to guarantee.

Why is the non-profit organization not providing guarantees to the bank?
* Because then the entire amount until it is fully repaid "belongs" to the bank, i.e. the commercial entity, and such use of funds is not permitted by law to the organization.

Why a transparent account?
* Because every expense and income can be easily verified.

Why should anyone contribute to this purpose at all?
* It is the fastest way to help.

What will happen to the deposit?
* It belongs to the client because it was provided on his/her behalf.

What if during the stay the deposit will be taken out by the landlord for contractual reasons?
* The client must already call her on the basis of an agreement with the landlord.

Can VS misuse resources?
* Why would he do that? VS contributes in the long run to those for whom a given hand is an opportunity for a new beginning. 

You can contribute to account:

IBAN: CZ1320100000002101824470
var. symb. 1111

Contact: tel.: +420 608 971 236

Update: December 2021

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